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Vindolanda Trust, Hadrian's Wall

Vindolanda Trust, Hadrian's Wall: Objects


Amphorae excavated and restored at Vindolanda.

Find excavations reports for the Vindolanda site here.

Remains of the Fort

Views of the remains of the fort at Vindolanda.

Find out more about the history of the fort and the way of life there on the BBC History site.


Roman Shoes found during excavation and conserved by the Vindolanda Trust.

Press release about hoard of shoes found at Vindolanda in 2016.


Vindolanda Tablets

Tablets found at the site of the Roman fort at Vindolanda.

Description of some recent tablet finds on the Vindolanda trust website.

See more information oh the tablet mentioning Gambax buying peppers on the Vindolanda tablets database.

Try your hand at deciphering the Vindolanda tablets!

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